Women clothing

It’s always an endless pursuit for fashion items when  you are woman. You can never have enough shoes, bags, clothes and accessories. And that doesn’t even include makeup and other cosmetics! Women always make it a point to update their wardrobe from time to time and we understand that it will cost you money to do so. So let us offer you a solution.

In this page, you may go ahead and upload various branded items that you’ve owned in the past in their respective categories so other people can see it. That way, you get to advertise your stuff, sell them and make sure they go to its rightful new owner.

Don’t forget to include your contact details so the buyers can contact you directly if they want to buy your second hand and branded clothes, shoes, bags and other accessories! Have fun selling and shopping.


Men clothing

Vanity doesn’t apply to women only. If you plan on selling second-hand items to me, you’ll find that there’s a big market for it. These days, even men go gaga over brands and designer clothing. This is why you will see more male models on various print ads like magazine folds, billboards and the like.

In this page, you will see various categories of the kinds of merchandise that we can advertise for you. You can go ahead and upload these items into our system so buyers can view them and contact you for a transaction.

Make sure to be very detailed when it comes to the details of your items. Sizes must be clearly stated as a Small Shirt will look very different in a man who is actually a Medium. So if possible, upload your items will clear measurements. Have fun selling and shopping!